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For your reference 1.Rhetorical question Can we really expect the school to keep paying from its limited resources? 2.Emotive language Imagine being cast out into the street,cold,lonely and frightened. 3.Parallel structures To ...

rhetorical devices 修辞 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 修辞手段 2. 修辞手法 例句: 1. He is regularly compared to Thomas Pynchon and Don Delillo, and these are notrhetorical devices. . ----------------------------------- 如有疑...

感叹 比喻 夸张 排比 排比 象征 夸张 比喻 拟人 拟人

修辞手法 的意思

rhetorical device 修辞手段; 修辞手法; 修辞技巧; 修辞格; 修辞策略; [例句]An exclamatory rhetorical device. 一种感叹的修辞方法。 figure of speech 英[ˈfiɡə ɔv spi:tʃ] 美[ˈfɪɡjɚ ʌv spitʃ...

2. I would pitch in and work harder than ever and eventually become a pillar of society--------比喻 6. Water flowed languidly into the thirsty field---拟人 5.I slip, I slide , I gloom , I glance among my skimming swallows.-----...

similebecause i doubt that u can use obscure for bird? personification as well..cauze..u surely can

C 用的是“排比”修辞法, “from... to”结构

A little diffcult!~~~ 不过,既然是研究英语的成语、俗语的修饰手法,不妨从地道的英文电影着手,选几部经典的来分析其中的句子,效果会不错的哦!

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